Content Overview

The Women in Tech World Series Online Festival 2020 is a week-long celebration of female tech innovation with content being delivered across 4 main content tracks and deep-dive workshops & masterclasses. Find out what’s in store in each content track by checking out the overviews below!

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Technical Deep Dives

We’re inundated with buzzwords and tech jargon as new technologies are pitted against each other to be the next unlock that transforms the way we live and work. We’re cutting out the white noise to offer in-depth explorations of hard hitting tech innovations and principles from the most influential tech minds.


Business Transformation

Rethink, realign, and redefine your business strategy to ignite incremental change and long term business success. By being ambitious in the blueprint you create for your business will allow you to attract & retain top talent, grow your customer base, and establish a world-class company culture.

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Diversity & Inclusion 

Allies and advocates simply aren’t enough anymore, there needs to be a systematic change in attitude to evoke values and behaviours that support and create inclusive workplaces. All companies must strive to embed an ethos that speaks to the fundamental principles of equality and equity by not just expressing a desire for diverse employees but as a business imperative.

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Career Development

Tech professionals are battling more obstacles in the fight for success than ever before. We’re entering an era that to get ahead and succeed we must control the narrative to our career progression through developing our own set of career superpowers.


Workshops & MasterClasses

We’ll close the week with Friday Focus; a whole day dedicated to offering attendees the opportunity to attend interactive workshops and expert-led masterclasses to supercharge & advance their learnings.

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