Here you’ll discover practical insight on how you can level up your soft and hard skill set, with advice on how to take advantage of the increased demand for tech and leadership skills and the opportunities in the digital space.

The pandemic has been a catalyst for positive change, driving more and more women to think about their careers, what skills they need to be technologically resilient and how to lead in a digital economy.

Topics Include:

o IT Skills Mandate

o Emotional Intelligence SKills

o Communication SKills

o Adaptability SKills

o Leadership and Team Management Skills

o Analytical Skills

o Cloud Computing

o Artifical Intelligence



Discover how you can be an integral part of team growth, drive progressive workforces, productivity and a culture that supports team wellness in a period of transition and growth.

Work and team dynamics have drastically evolved and teams have had to quickly adapt and adopt new processes to reimagine team collaboration. You’ll hear exclusive insight on synching distributed teams, evolving mindsets and achieving cultural buy in.

Topics Include:

o Hiring Processes

o Culture

o Talent Retention

o Change Management

o Tech Cultures

o Team and Org Structures

o Building Effective Teams

o Scaling Teams



Adaptability and Flexibility will be the key attributes to success and here we will highlight how individuals and businesses can reconfigure their operations to move forward with greater productivity.

Our leading speakers will explore the evolution of work, technology that’s crucial to business success and how to build next-generation organisations and workflows. Discover the trends driving the future of work and how to streamline people, processes and technology post pandemic.

Topics Include:

o Business Development Technology

o SaaS Adoption

o Data Science

o Agile Project Management

o Software Development

o Security

o Automation

o Digital Transformation



It’s time to bridge the digital transformation gap and our progressive speakers will share tips and tricks for both legacy and digital native companies. From AI, data and cloud, you’ll discover how to leverage the digital economy and keep pace with the booming sectors.

The tech sector is still tipped for further acceleration, fast tracking innovation plans and it’s essential for businesses to be adopting technology to drive growth. Discover what’s next for technology investment and the role technology will play in advancing commerce, digital health, sustainability and customer experience. Keep your finger on the pulse and use digital adoption as a competitive edge.

Topics Include:

o Digital Health

o Marketing and Media

o Ethics & Responsible AI

o Digital Commerce

o Advances in AI

o Gaming

o Customer Experience

o Impact and Sustaninability

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