Gain Insight

Hear from leading women in tech as they share their stories and position yourself at the centre of new global insight. Throughout the online festival you'll gain insight that will benefit both your personal development and career.

Be Inspired

Our diverse speaker lineup of inspirational women in tech from across the globe will be sharing their insight, knowledge and post-pandemic strategies throughout the week-long festival.

Personal Development

Attend expert-led sessions designed to provide you with the tools, knowledge and skills to accelerate your career.

Expert Led Workshops

Join interactive workshops, led by industry experts, where you'll engage in conversations with your peers, share ideas and learn how to break down barriers to overcome challenges.

Expand Your Network

Connect with likeminded female professionals, identify role models, meet mentors and engage in global discussions. We have curated a multitude of networking approaches for all your needs.

Make Valuable Connections

Increase your professional circle through our dedicated matchmaking service on the platform connecting you with like-minded women in tech from across the globe.

1 to 1 Meetings

Throughout the online festival you'll be able to arrange face-to-face video meetings, calls and utilise the chat function as you expand your network, share ideas and collaborate with festival attendees.

Speaker Q&A

Take the opportunity to challenge our speakers who will be on hand throughout the festival to answer your questions.

Immerse Yourself

The online festival is an immersive experience that offers the buzz and familiarity of a physical event to support and celebrate diverse voices from across the globe.

Build Your Agenda

With 200+ content sessions on offer that cover a diverse array of topics, you’ll gain the opportunity to build an agenda that caters perfectly to your content appetite.

Lifestyle & Wellness

In a world where the line between work and home is more blurred than ever, our lifestyle and wellbeing content is designed to help you find a healthy balance.

Community Events

Scattered throughout the festival, our community events are a space for knowledge sharing, skill swapping and open conversations so take the opportunity to meet fellow attendees in an open and relaxed environment.

Champion Diversity

As we rebuild our new normal with careful consideration, uncover and learn how to play an integral role in the repositioning & restructuring of an inclusive industry.

Drive Equality & Equity

Explore tactics to foster a culture of growth and establish a sense of belonging within your workforce. Join our campaign for an equitable future, one that invests in building inclusive workplaces for all.

Overcome Challenges

Learn from our incredible speakers on how they overcame D&I challenges and how you can apply their learnings to your company.

Discover Opportunities

A commitment to D&I creates many opportunities for a business. From generating new ideas to having a positive impact on the bottom line, discover how these opportunities can benefit your organisation.

Join Us Online This June