Be Inspired

Join us this November for a programme built on peer to peer learning and knowledge sharing. Our passionate tech leaders and diversity advocates will reignite your passion for work, set you on the path for continuous learning and help you make a positive impact on the tech world.

Exclusive Insight

Do you want to discover how companies got creative during the pandemic to thrive and survive? Through metric based learning our speakers will be sharing the secret to their success, with tangible tips for growth and a dose of inspiration.

Stay on Track

Continue the momentum and learning after the online festival. Our speakers will be attaching further reading, resources and exercises you can action after their sessions to fast track your development for future use.

Advocate For Change

The pandemic has disproportionately impacted women, join us as we increase transparency of routes into senior tech roles, provide opportunities for development and progression and explore how to be an active ally for change.

Expand Your Network

Whether you’re looking for a local or global network, connect with a community that can support your goals. Identify role models, mentors and brands that can change the pace of your career.

Unique Connections

Interested in creating connections that can change the course of your career? Connect with people from companies and topics most relevant to you. Our matchmaking service will recommend your top matches so you can arrange a 1:1 meeting via video or audio to meet your match.

Hiring Hub

Our Hiring Hub is designed to help you make the right connections and push you towards your career goals. Engage in our executive forum, lightning interviews and behind the brands to discover your strengths and future opportunities.

Build Your Community

Join our Virtual Meet Ups for peer to peer learning and conversations. Engage in job title specific groups, or geo based meetups to harness the power of your local networks and knowledge.

Elevate Yourself

Join us as we discuss paths for reinvention and the critical skills that are driving competitive industries. You’ll discover how to embrace new opportunities, advance your career and get out of your comfort zone.

Level Up

It's time to level up and stand out. Gain insight into the fastest-growing technical areas and equip yourself with the most in-demand skills for digital transformation.

Leadership For Tomorrow

Discover new digital leadership skills that will help you master hybrid and international management techniques and unlock the potential of your technical and non technical teams.

Master Change

Discover the soft and industry skills you need to master change and find your way to a more successful and sustainable career in technology.

Unlock Growth

Discover how to be an integral part of tomorrow. Our leading speakers will highlight what technologies and processes are here to stay after the pandemic and how you can drive them forward. Unlock the power of collaboration and drive personal and professional growth.

Elevate Teams

Organisations who fail to harness diversity will quickly fall behind progressive companies. Through insight from both SMEs and corporates, you’ll discover tactics to foster a culture of growth that better serves your team and customers.

Work Reworked

‘Resilience’ has worked its way into our vocabulary but now It’s time to make the new normal work for you. Discover how to effectively set workplace boundaries, ensure balance when bouncing back, master returnships and carve your dream role.

Leverage Technology

There has been a surge in digital adoption, so we’ve curated this programme around the need to know information. Here you’ll discover what technology needs your attention, understand how to leverage it and change the way you work to maximise it.

Join Us Online This November